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Outpost Range Rifle League

April 21, 2022 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Outpost Range Rifle League

Who: Any person with little prior Rifle experience and up.
Location: Held at Outpost Range Main Rifle Range.
-2930 South Cauthen Pt. Lecanto, Fl. 34461.
Dates: Starting April 21, 2022 for 4 weeks. (April 21, 28, May 5, 12)
Times: Thursday Nights 5:30- 7 pm.
Duration:  1 ½  hours
Participants: A maximum of 20 shooters.
Age: 12 Youth to Adult.
Fee: $40.00 one-time fee per person to join this league competition.
Equipment: -Bring your own max 308 caliber and have an Outpost Range Card.
Divisions: Open Class- Divisions Grouped: Youth 12- 17 and Adult 18 up.
Distance: 100 yards.
Scoring: Shooter is scored out of a possible 500 points and 50 X’s.
-scoring maybe posted online and in the range for public viewing.
Prizes: $100 to first place winner.

Youth/ Minor Requirements:
Responsible Mature Youth/Minor ages 12 to 17 are required to be accompanied by a Parent/Legal Guardian or Staff at the range. The parent responsible for the Youth/Minor may shoot from the firing line lane next to the youth shooter.

Safety Rules –

In the interests of safety and the well-being, all competitors must be able to set up, load, fire and break down rifle under control and without undue difficulty. If, in the opinion of the Range Safety Officer (RSO), the competitor shows undue difficulty the competitor may be asked to skip the competition until further practice or difficulty is resolved.

1. Follow the instructions of the Range Officer. Give attention and listen to the commands given. Ask questions if you do not understand what is said.

  1. Always inspect your equipment before shooting. Damaged equipment should be repaired or replaced to avoid injuries.
  2. At the Firing Line- AIM your rifle only in the direction of your target. The rifle must always be pointed down range. Always be sure you know which target is yours and that it is safe to shoot. If you’re not sure take a closer look, if you’re still not sure, do not shoot and ask.
  3. Once you have finished the string stand behind the yellow waiting line. This helps the other shooters know your finished shooting.
  4. Always walk; never run, on the range. If you run, you might accidentally trip and fall.
  5. Always use correct ammo for your rifle. No steel core allowed.
  6. Follow the Outpost Range SOP.


Competition Rules –
1. 4-week program, minimum of 3 weeks scoring required for the grand prizes and Bragging Rights.
2. Shooter may either drop their lowest score from all 4 weeks or not attend one week.
3. Shooter will fire 10 rounds within a 3 minute timespan per string, for a total of 5 strings.
4. After each strings the shooters take a 10-minute break.
5. Any unfired or miss rounds would be counted as zero points.
6. A round touching the line marking the edge of a greater scoring area shall be given the higher score.
7. A Shooter is scored out of a possible 500 points and possible 50 x’s.
-X rings are counted for tie breakers.
8. Order of shooting the 5 strings-
-The first 3 strings are shot following the order of these shooting positions:
* #1-seated supported, #2-seated unsupported and #3-prone supported.
*#4 & #5 are shot at the shooters discretion from above positions (Shooters Choice).
9. After each round, shooters will use the buddy scoring system with the person next to them. Each buddy would score the others then return the score sheet to the original shooter. At the end of each night shooters will turn in their score sheet to the RSO’s where final score is recorded.
-It is the responsibility of the shooter to verify their score is correct.
10. At the end of 4 weeks, the shooter with the highest total score will be chosen as winner.
11. Shooters may show up 20 minutes early to practice or sight-in following the RSOs’ range commands.
12. Shooters are reminded this is a family friendly competition and there will be zero tolerance for any foul play, horseplay, belligerence, or poor attitude. Be Happy, Safe and Have Fun.


April 21, 2022
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
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Chris Lane
(352) 419-3035


Outpost Range
2930 S Cauthen Point
Lecanto, FL 34461 United States
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